Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

November  Ages 6 - 18

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to children.
It is organized in over 50 countries and designed to get children all over the world excited about computing.
Each participant answers questions that focus on computational and logical thinking. You can take past challenges here


Oxford University Computing Challenge

We run this challenge. Practice tests and challenges available now - click on the link to try.

The OUCC is an invitation only challenge for students in the UK, aiming to help talented computational thinkers develop their skills by asking them to solve tasks with programmed solutions. Invites are issued to those achieving a requisite score in the prior UK Bebras competition. A combination of blocks based challenges and text-coding challenges are set. Part of the group


Members only. We have a limited number of spaces

Modding Tutorials

'Minecraft was not intended to be “easy” to mod. Now, our modding tutorials are here to help!

LearnToMod contains hundreds of engaging tutorials, puzzles, and videos to get you modding Minecraft within minutes. We’ll teach you how to make new items, how to manipulate every aspect of the Minecraft world, and how to design your own mini-games!

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