Parent / Mentor Linked Child accounts

This site has a strict registration policy of 18 years or over for UK based Home Educators. 

Under GDPR and privacy protection rules there are guidelines around the creation of accounts for children.  MOODLE (The technology which this site uses) has inbuilt functionality which allows for the creation of Parent / Mentor accounts to be linked to Child accounts.

Why create a child account?

- Some courses provide grades, progress scores and badges.

- Parents may not wish to share their log in details

-Children may wish to have their own identity

- Allows for independent learning

How does creation of a child account protect the child?
There are no guarantees. Every parent is responsible for the monitoring and management of their child's safety online at all times.

The role of 'Parent / Guardian'  is used to provide you with permission to view certain information on the activity of your child on this site.

The Parent/Guardian role may also be allowed to agree to policies on behalf of their underage child.
It gives the parent the following capabilities
 - to read the child's blog entries
 - to read the child's forum posts
- to view the child's activity reports and grades
- to edit the child's profile
- for accepting policies on behalf of the child.
These capabilities may change.