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Core competencies  'A harmonized combination of personal characteristics and skills which distinguish you'

Core competencies can be any values, traits, attainments, characteristics, skills, qualifications and personal qualities. They are often defined by employers, industry bodies, institutions or awarding bodies as desirable for a level of competency in their particular fields. 

Core Competencies in Chemistry.

Chemistry is a huge topic and basic knowledge and application is useful in everyday life. When building a list for core competencies in any topic it helps to be guided by a structure or have an end point in mind. For this list of core competencies we have used the basic topics outlined in the Chemistry CIE  iGCSE 0971 syllabus as a base line. Other topics can be added. 

By use of this resource you accept  this is not a definitive guide to the subject and should not be relied on as a complete resource for study of Chemistry CIE  iGCSE 0971 syllabus  or be regarded in any way as tuition.

Core Competencies in Chemistry was initially created to enable self study through the Chemistry CIE  iGCSE 0971 syllabus. It contains a collection of resources from Home Educators and students which link to various YouTube videos helping to explain the core topics. Activities for study are also included and link back to the various study books. 


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