Virtual Home Ed Groups - Supporting you through COVID-19

In the event your Home Ed group can not meet up due to covid-19 restrictions I am supporting the Home Education community and their children.  We have the facility to offer online conferencing and virtual meet up rooms. This is provided without charge to the groups and the groups should not be charging you. This is for genuine Home Ed groups who usually only charge a pound or so to cover hall costs. It is not for 'profit making or businesses'

Home Ed Clubs are the lifeblood of the Home Education community and vital to us all. Please do everything you can to support your local Home Ed clubs and groups. If you have enjoyed the online sessions please consider visiting the group in real life when everything is normal again.

Children's Yoga Classes for home educated children. By invite only. If you are a member of Kat's Home Ed Yoga Group please contact Kat who will give you the pass code to access this course.

Privacy Policy Sparkle Yoga. Please see their FB page

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