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This policy details your privacy while using this site.

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Your personal data.

We will never sell or pass on your personal details to any third party unless we have your express permission to do so or are required to do so by law. 

Site Functionality &  MOODLE. 
  • This whole site, functionality and code is open source, freely developed and distributed by MOODLE.ORG as a virtual learning environment for the global education sector. Anyone can download, use and create a MOODLE based VLE.  This is not a regular web site.  It is built by MOODLE.ORG specifically to support students and education establishments to learn online. 
  • MOODLE builds functionality on the assumption that we all know each other - as we would if we were all in the same class or in the same school. It provides functionality for collaborative learning, peer review, chat rooms, marking by teachers and forums to name a few. By design MOODLE is built for teachers to see what everyone  is doing, mark submissions, monitor engagement of students with courses, interact and collaborate as much as possible. MOODLE was designed for students to track their learning and coursework. Of course the Home Ed community does not follow the standard education model and we are not using MOODLE in a standard way.  Common sense must prevail when using this site for example if you contribute to forums other people will see your contributions.
  • MOODLE tracks site engagement and generates site logs so that students can keep track of their learning progress and teachers can mark their input.  As an online virtual learning environment MOODLE inherently tracks student user engagement and input with courses and all other activities to support marking and reporting. 

By registering with and using this site you accept that  your actions and input into this site are linked to your user profile. If you wish to use this site as an anonymous user you must sign in as a guest (restricted access)

What do we do with site usage data and registered user usage data?

It is not used for marketing purpose's, It is not passed or sold to third parties. We don't have the time, inclination or interest to do anything at all with site data. If there is a technical problem in the way the site is functioning we may look at site logs to help us pinpoint the problem. If you have a problem with using the site we can look at your site data, usage files and find where the problem lies.

When do we pass information to third parties? 

When we offer subscriptions to third party services  we will ask at the point of signing up to these subscriptions for your express permission to pass specific details on. You will have to opt in and provide permission at the point of sign up or payment.

Do we use other software / services or third party resources?

We do not currently automatically connect you to third party software or services but may suggest the use of other software providers / services and may provide external links to them. It is up to you to check the suitability and privacy policies of third party sites. We may in the future connect with other software providers and services and will ask specifically for your permission to opt in to those at point of sign up.

Plug In's

MOODLE is supported by a community of developers who create additional functionality called plug in's. These plug in's are checked for adherence to privacy rules.