10th Dec 2018. Closing new license subscriptions for now so I can have a break. You can still try it out (see link below) but won't be able to purchase a license. Will have a think about opening this up again in the New Year but its not really a top priority and takes up a huge amount of time to organise. Existing accounts will carry on working.
Best wishes.

30th Nov 2018 - Fixed. Microsoft store now working again.

11.29am The Microsoft store is very slow and not loading. I am unable to purchase extra licenses at this point. It could be my PC or it might be the store. I have suspended the ability to buy new licenses as a precaution while I check it out. All who have purchased so far have got access and been allocated licenses.

Click above title -  'First Step - Download the Software' The page will reload. Follow the instructions to download the software.

Try before you buy - click title for details.

I have set up a test account for you to try before you purchase a license.